Hiring an EDGAR Filing Agent

By | 01/13/2017 | 10:23 pm ET

The Securities and Exchange Commission mandates that a company file several forms providing basic information regarding a company before attempting to sell or offer securities.  Companies may also be required to submit quarterly and annual reports, as well as corporate updates and notification of new offerings, etc.  These “EDGAR” forms reflect how a company operates and why it is essential that every form that is filed is professional as possible.  EDGAR filing allows for basic company information to be accessed by the public.   An EDGAR filing agent submits EDGAR forms on behalf of the company filing its SEC reports.

How Does EDGAR Work?

EDGAR stands for the electronic data gathering, analysis, and retrieval of information database as hosted on the SEC’s website. This system allows data to be collected on a company and displayed to the general public through the website, which helps reduce fraudulent activity and allows investors to be knowledgeable about securities offered to them.

Working with an Experienced EDGAR Filing Agent

Reassuring your investors and analysts that your company is professional and successful is an important part of the SEC filing process.  Having a professional EDGAR filing agent by your side that you can rely on for accuracy and reliability will help.  Colonial Filings has been providing outstanding SEC filing services since 2006. We ensure that our EDGAR filings services are cost-effective with fast turnaround times and quality, and meet EDGAR filing standards.

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