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Since 1993, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has required public companies to file periodic reports on the EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, Retrieval) filing system. Some of these reports include: annual and quarterly reports, information statements, material event filings, proxy statements, registration filings and ownership documentation. We convert electronic and paper documents into the SEC’s standard EDGAR format according to the SEC’s filing rules. The SEC requires all documents to be filed in compliant HTML and XBRL formats.

Easy Edit Technology

Make changes once, directly in the source EDGAR document that is sent with each proof. Eliminate headache, accuracy issues, and unneeded review.

Flat-rate, unlimited filing packages

Stop getting nickeled and dimed or paying for more DIY software when you are already doing all of the work. Our full service team can save you thousands of dollars and stress with our predictable flat-rate filing packages that include unlimited number of forms for your EDGAR and XBRL filings, making it easy for you to track your filing status.

Full Service Experts

Our EDGAR and XBRL filing services include full service support where we process everything for you without software or knowledge of EDGAR and XBRL coding and taxonomies.  Our staff is very familiar with the EDGAR system, updates, and HTML coding language and requirements.   Our staff includes professional accountants and technical experts to provide a guarantee of accuracy and quality.

Faster Turnaround Times

Our services and technology provide the fastest turnaround times in the market on your EDGAR documents.  With our easy edit technology, changes will be expedited to ensure your team has more than enough to review your filing.


Our service experts send an email receipt each time you submit a new filing or changes to us, as well as keeping you up to date throughout the filing process.

After Hours Filing Support

Get overnight and weekend filing support so that when you come into the office your filing will be waiting for you in your inbox.

Our Approach

We ensure that each proof we send is accurate and professional. We include quality enhancements such as row shading, table of contents and exhibit index hyperlinking, graphic insertions, and more.  EDGAR documents are reviewed twice to ensure you receive the quality you deserve.

Added-value services include:

  • Changing or renewing EDGAR codes
  • Paying fees to the SEC on your behalf
  • Updating you on any SEC rule changes
  • Providing form templates for filings
  • Optimize source Word documents for future filings
  • Synchronization with transfer agent, making things flow smoothly

We can EDGARize and submit your SEC filings to the SEC for you.  Contact us at 877-285-8605 or click here to Get Started

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Full service, Easy Edit Technology and unlimited filing packages.

Your company’s professional image is important. Through our Easy Edit Technology we ensure that each filing is professional and accurate every time.

I always receive excellent timely service – a great solution for frequent SEC filers
- S. Shuda, Managing Director