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Form ID Filings

Before submitting EDGAR formatted documents, the filer must register with the SEC through a Form ID application. To register you must submit an electronic version of the form with the properly notarized documents outlined below. The authenticating document must:

  • Include the required information in the Form ID filing
  • Be manually signed by the applicant over their typed signature
  • Confirm the authenticity of the filing

To meet these requirements, applicants can first make a copy of their electronic Form ID filing, add the necessary confirming language, sign it, and finally have the signature notarized. Once approved by the SEC, the filer can then create the necessary filing codes.

The SEC launched the SEC Filer Management website on April 26, 2004, to allow filers to electronically create and submit Form IDs. Before the launch of the SEC Filer Management website, the SEC accepted Form IDs manually via fax or other means. The SEC Filer Management website replaced paper filing at this time, and now will only accept electronic Form IDs.

Using And Preparing Form ID

All EDGAR filer applicants or their agents use the Form ID to request the following access codes to permit filing on EDGAR:

  • Central Index Key (CIK) – The CIK code, available to the public, uniquely identifies each filer, filing agent, and training agent. The SEC assigns issuers a CIK code at the time they make an initial application with the SEC. This code cannot be changed.
  • CIK Confirmation Code (CCC) – The modifiable CCC will be used in the header of your filings in conjunction with your CIK to ensure that you authorized the filing.
  • Password (PW) – The password allows you or your filing agent to log onto the EDGAR filing system, submit filings, and change your CCC.
  • Password Modification Authorization Code (PMAC) – The PMAC code allows you to change your password.

If you already have codes, you may want to have them re-generated as passwords expire every year. You can do so by visiting the EDGAR Filer Management website.

For more information, visit the SEC’s Form ID page.

To file, complete the Form ID Template and have it notarized, or send us your company’s full name, contact information, fiscal year date, TIN, and notary acknowledgement. The signer of the Form ID must be an officer. Please ensure that the notary acknowledgement is for the signer of the Form ID. If you need a blank notary acknowledgement form, please contact us directly.

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