Updated Guidance On Confidential Treatment In SEC Filings

By | 01/18/2021 | 10:46 am ET

On December 4, 2015, President Obama signed the "FAST Act" (Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act), following which the SEC adopted amendments to Regulation S-K in March 2019 to facilitate companies. One of the amendments includes modification in CTR (Confidential Treatment Request), an application made by a registrant to the SEC requesting redaction of specific information and not publicly disclosed for a specified period. Let us first understand what kind of…

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SEC Adopts Rules to Facilitate Electronic Submission of Documents to the Agency

By | 12/09/2020 | 9:36 am ET

On Nov. 17, 2020, the SEC adopted rules and amendments to facilitate the electronic submission of documents. This press release covers a new law allowing e-signatures as the SEC’s attempt to combat the financial stress caused by Covid19 and adopted changes to the filing requirements proposed way back on Sept. 24, 2015 Facilitating electronic signatures to be used in document authentication: This will override the current requirement of Rule 302(b)…

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SEC Adopts Amendments to Modernize and Enhance MD&A and other Financial Disclosures

By | 12/02/2020 | 9:03 am ET

On Nov. 19, 2020, the SEC adopted amendments to specific financial disclosure requirements in Regulation S-K, proposed on Jan. 30, 2020. The commission has considered suggestions from the comment letters as well as the SEC Division of Corporation Finance. Overview: Eliminating Item 301 (Selected Financial Data): Registrants are not required to provide 5 years of selected financial data. Amending Item 302(a) (Supplementary Financial Information): The current requirement of 2 years…

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SEC Final Amendments On Disclosures For Registered Debt Offerings

By | 10/20/2020 | 11:20 am ET

On March 2, 2020, the SEC adopted amendments to the financial disclosure requirements applicable to registered debt offerings under Rules 3-10 and 3-16 of Regulation S-X. Rules 3-10 and 3-16 renumbered as Rules 13-01 and 13-02 under a new article 13 in the same Regulation. The amendments will: Facilitate easy understanding of the disclosure Reduce the cost of compliance for companies Eliminate unnecessary burdens on issuers Discourage unregistered debt-offerings Rule…

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The Most Costly States to File Blue Sky Offerings

By | 08/28/2020 | 1:46 pm ET

The Uniform Securities Act of 1956 forms the foundation of Blue Sky Laws in different states. Although the reference is the same, there are wide variations in each state's rules and regulations, especially when it comes to filing fees. For example, while some states like Kansas charge a penalty for late filing, others like Indiana have no filing fees at all. The tax is either  fixed or variable, applicable to…

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SEC Adopts Amendments to Improve M&A Disclosures in SEC Filings

By | 06/26/2020 | 12:00 pm ET

On May 21, 2020, the SEC adopted amendments to existing rules on the acquired and disposition of business disclosures required in SEC filings to help provide better financial information to investors, early access to capital, and a reduction of the complexity of the entire process. The amended regulations will allow investors to assess the significance of acquired/disposed businesses, including real estate operations and investment companies. Although the changed rules will…

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SEC Adopts Amendments to the Filer Definition

By | 05/18/2020 | 4:03 pm ET

Overview On March 12, 2020, the SEC, in its press release, announced the adoption of amendments to the definition of accelerated filers and large accelerated filers. These changes are adopted in congruence with the views of the SEC and Congress to promote capital formation, preserve capital, and reduce unnecessary burdens for small issuers and provide investor protection. Who is Affected? All domestic and foreign issuers who have registered their securities…

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Colonial Stock Transfer Acquires Southridge Services

By | 04/14/2020 | 6:02 am ET

Salt Lake City, Utah, April 14, 2020: Colonial Stock Transfer is pleased to announce it has acquired Southridge Services, an EDGAR filing agent located in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a transfer agent, this new acquisition brings to the team a company that can provide additional support and operations for Colonial’s existing EDGAR filing operations for public reporting companies.  Southridge Services is a full service SEC EDGAR and XBRL firm,…

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Another Wave of Relief from the SEC for Filers Affected by COVID-19

By | 03/30/2020 | 10:00 am ET

In its press release dated March 26 2020, the SEC announced temporary regulatory relief for Form ID filers, Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A issuers in addition to the relief already granted earlier this month. Present coronavirus pandemic is continuing to have catastrophic results on the market and its participants. The SEC has been hearing all participants and adopting corrective measures to bring hope. The measures taken involve: Participants due for…

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SEC Announces Relief for COVID-19 Affected Public Companies

By | 03/20/2020 | 4:06 pm ET

On March 4th, 2020 the SEC announced that it is providing relief for public companies that may not be able to meet SEC filing deadlines due to the effects of coronavirus COVID-19 which was first reported on December 31, 2019, in Wuhan, China. Conditional regulatory relief is provided for US companies located in or with operations in affected areas. SEC Relief Disclosure The SEC has allowed an additional 45 days…

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