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Our Filing Services – An Overview

The SEC has required public companies to file reports onto the EDGAR system since 1993. To assist in that endeavor, we provide professional EDGAR filing services including conversion into HTML, XBRL, PDF and all other SEC compatible file types. Our SEC filing services include:

  • EDGAR Filings: Conversion and formatting of documents into EDGARized HTML,  ASCII, and XML web-compatible formats.  Our filing packages include flat-rate unlimited filings for all of your EDGAR and XBRL forms.  Learn more
  • XBRL Filings: Tagging of your financial statements into XBRL formats using best practices and professional service to ensure your document meets SEC standards and CPA review.  Learn more
  • Section 16 Self-Filing: We offer a unique cloud-based solution through Form345.com for all of your Section 16 and insider reporting needs.  Learn more
  • XBRL Rendering Tool: Our XBRL rendering tool allows XBRL documents to be easily viewed and shared by multiple parties.  Learn more

Print and Communication Services

In addition, we provide a variety of print and communication services designed to meet all of your project life-cycle needs.  Let us be your single partner for financial printing, investor websites, annual meeting services, and press release distributions. Our print and communication services include:

  • Financial Printing: Customizable typesetting and financial printing services with multiple options including professional bindings, color options, etc.
  • Newswire: Our press release distribution channels include the top financial spots and news agencies around the country while complying with SEC fair disclosure rules.
  • Investor Websites: Our investor website services are a plug and play into your corporate website, no matter the programming language.
  • Shareholder Meetings: Online shareholder voting services for annual and special proxy meetings.  Our seasoned experts can guide you through the entire shareholder meeting administration process including planning and setting dates, distribution of materials, online voting, and full tabulation services.

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Here's the story, we were later than I wanted to be with our second quarter 10-Q, as a matter of fact it didn't come over until late last evening. I'm having surgery on Friday (a surprise to me) and wanted to be able to review the proofs as our CEO would not really know what to look for. Colonial managed to turn it around for me today - that's one day. He didn't have to and yet he did.