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Colonial Filings is a financial printer and EDGAR filing agent that specializes in SEC document compliance services for public companies, private companies, and mutual funds. We are located in the downtown area of Salt Lake City and have been serving our clients since 2006. Our parent company, Colonial Stock Transfer was founded in 1987. When our clients started seeking EDGAR filing services, we founded Colonial Filings. At Colonial Filings, we strive to provide the highest quality, most professional service in the industry.

Our adaptive and innovative nature has helped bring Colonial Filings its prolonged success. We prioritize you and your company by offering accurate and responsive services with our industry expertise at your disposal. Our goal is to become your all-in-one service provider for your EDGAR and XBRL conversion services, Section 16 software, financial printing, typesetting, mailing, shareholder meeting and proxy, press release, and investor website needs.

Colonial Filings is the proprietor of several innovative software services, including our XBRL rendering tool, Section 16 filing software, and investor websites services. Combined with our team of industry experts and in-house operation policy, we are able to provide the most inclusive and professional services available on the market today.

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Colonial Filings is an industry leading filing agent, offering full-service filing solutions among a host of other services. We pride ourselves on our dedication to customer service, high-quality file submissions, and community involvement. Contact us today to find out what makes us the best!