Colonial Filings Releases Investor Website Hosting Services

By | 08/15/2017 | 4:43 pm ET

Colonial Filings, Inc. is excited to announce the release of our investor website hosting services, allowing clients to take advantage of integrated SEC filing data hosting, stock charting, and news applications for their corporate investor websites.

As an industry leading, financial printer and SEC filing agent, Colonial Filings prides itself on being able to provide its clients with financial printing and any related services that they may need. In that endeavor, clients are now able to provide all of their SEC filings in HTML, XBRL, PDF formats to investors through an automated widget on their website that updates in real time. The SEC document hosting portion of the investor website service complies with Rule 405 of Regulation S-T (Sec. 232.405 of this chapter) for posting interactive data files within 24 hours after submission to the SEC.  Rather than sacrifice valuable time every month, let our automated service handle the process for you.

In addition to SEC document hosting, the new investor websites will feature stock charting and news update applications. These features were designed to guarantee that clients receive everything needed for a successful corporate website for investors. As a full-service filing agent, Colonial Filings also provides unlimited and flat-rate EDGAR & XBRL filing packages, as well as a host of other ancillary services.

Parties interested in learning more about Colonial Filings’ investor website services may contact them by visiting their website.

About Colonial Filings

Colonial Filings, Inc. is a market leading filing agent with over 30 years of industry experience. They service public and private companies, providing substantial year to year cost-savings with their flat-rate unlimited filing packages and service benefits to their clients with their financial printing and mailing, investor websites, EDGAR and XBRL filing, newswire, and shareholder meeting needs.


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